Stable 46Mh/s on GTX 970 SLI NEW Overclock Settings!

My new stable 46Mh/s Mining speed has been accomplished with these new settings!
The power usage for 38Mh/s is 380 Watts (10W/Mh)
The power usage for 46Mh/s is 405 Watts (8.8W/Mh)
  • juvey90

    best driver right now July 11 2017 is 347.88. the most is 20 mh/s stable at 18mh/s

  • David Hu

    this is windows 7? or is it windows 10

  • karma police

    my 970 only hashes at 3mhs. i tried all kinds of different drivers.. what can it be?

  • America Gen

    will this work with a GTX 1070?

  • Ryoga Hoshino

    Nice result! Are you mining with SLI enabled? Every miner is very slow and close to 0 Mh/s with SLI enabled when i try. Ive got 2xGTX970

  • Judex

    Anyone has the link on how @BuriedONE OC the 970 to 30+MHs? Thanks

  • abdul abreu

    how much can my 970 gtx hash and how can i flash my bios

  • BigWally Gator

    Any body have these files or links?

  • DR. Savage

    NICE, i try, its work wall very good for me, thanks for video :)

  • Marknel Pineda

    Hi Sir, Can you help me how to achieve this 46Mh/s setting in my GTX 970 SLI, How do i start? Thanks

  • Israel Finardi

    Its a MSI GTX 970 or EVGA GTX 970?

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