Bitcoin mining 2018 use Geforce gtx 780ti & CPU Intel i7

GPU - Geforce GTX 780ti
CPU - Intel i7 4790k
Since I don't play Video Game much, why not turn it to mining Bitcoin...😁😁😁 I know it bit late and I can't complete with other Miner using far more Advance Mining Rig....for me it more side income...😄😄😄...hope my electric bill don't give me heart attack...😇😇😇...
  • Sabah RcDrone

    My mining Bitcoin Video 2018

  • ugzz

    780ti is fully supported by nicehash legacy. However according to my week of testing it only makes 80 cents a day, and costs me at least a dollar a day to run. so in the negative profit wise.

  • Good Stuff

    TNX!Tried this solution on my 3770k with 780SLISo CPU mining didn't worked.SLI gave a 3500mh= ~ 3$ a dayNot worth of burned gpus

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