Bitcoin mining 2018 use Geforce gtx 780ti & CPU Intel i7

GPU - Geforce GTX 780ti
CPU - Intel i7 4790k
Since I don't play Video Game much, why not turn it to mining Bitcoin...😁😁😁 I know it bit late and I can't complete with other Miner using far more Advance Mining Rig....for me it more side income...😄😄😄...hope my electric bill don't give me heart attack...😇😇😇...
  • ugzz

    780ti is fully supported by nicehash legacy. However according to my week of testing it only makes 80 cents a day, and costs me at least a dollar a day to run. so in the negative profit wise.

  • jane Perpetual

    Much appreciation to MR michelle william for the help him rendered to me and my colleagues. With just 20% him trades on our behalf and we all make an average of 16,000$. I will encourage all traders in need of someone with experience to carry out trades on their behalf. The best part is that him teaches as him trades, so all lessons will be learnt as she makes you some money. That's a wonderful bargain if you ask me. You all should give it a try

  • Sabah RcDrone

    My mining Bitcoin Video 2018

  • Good Stuff

    TNX!Tried this solution on my 3770k with 780SLISo CPU mining didn't worked.SLI gave a 3500mh= ~ 3$ a dayNot worth of burned gpus

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