Review Radeon R7 370 Hashrate 415 H/s Monero XMR Mining

This video show AMD Radeon R7 370 hashrate 415 H/s on Monero XMR mining, using xmrig-amd.
  • The Hungarian Hacker

    Is that worth it ? I've got an r7 370 4gb from XFX, and I used it before for gaming, now I want to use it as a monero mining card, with a celeron 3900, and 4gb ddr4 ram, is that thing worth it?

  • Renegade_Trade

    Surely it can do more than this? What is the power draw at the wall? A 2gb 560 can do over 500h/s

  • Aleksandr Gladun

    Please, show your config. I have problem with xmrig-amd (current version with V7) miner: claymore's miner has +15% effectivity (in H/s), but need cryptonight v7 algo now.* sorry my bad english

  • Erik Lute

    Is it a 4gb r7 370? I have a 2gb and only getting like 357 H/s. I just now seen you rolling with crimson beta drivers maybe thats why?

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