Is the GTX 780 Still Worth Considering in 2017-2018?

The GTX 780 was released on May 23, 2013 at a MSRP at $649, and was considered the best GPU Money could buy at the time. Fast-Forward to 2017, and the GTX 780 seems to be a long forgotten GPU.

However, After stumbling across a huge deal on a MSI GTX 780 Lightning, I took a dare and put the 780 on my Ryzen system to answer the question: "Is the GTX 780 a GPU fallen from grace, or is it still a viable GPU worthy for a 1080p Gaming Machine?"

--- Test System ---
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (OC @ 4 Ghz.)
MSI B350 PC MATE (BIOS Ver. A.70)
16GB (2x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4-2666
MSI GTX 780 Lightning 3GB
240 GB SSD, 750GB and 1TB HDD
EVGA 500B 80+ Bronze PSU
Windows 10 64-Bit

--- Games Tested ---
American Truck Simulator
Team Fortress 2
(All at 1080p, Ultra or MAX Settings)

Shoutouts to OZTalksHW. You can find his video on the GTX 780 Here:

Shop for the GTX 780 Here:

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  • Game Spirit

    The manufacturer PSU recommendations for GPUs take PSUs that are NOT 80+ certified into consideration. That's why the recommended PSUs are usually ridiculously high in wattage. In reality, as long as your PSU is 80+ certified and from a reputable brand, it is completely and entirely safe to go 100W or more below the recommended wattage.The math is simple. You have a 500W 80+ Bronze. The 780 draws 250W at max load. If you add 100W to the power draw for your CPU and the rest of your system, your PC's power draw is a measly 350W. That still leaves you with a 150W overhead, which even gives you enough wiggle room to overclock. Now, if you had a cheap, knock-off PSU that struggles to have even 70+ efficiency, that amount of overhead might be pushing your luck...but as long as your PSU is rated at 80+ or above, even a 100W overhead is perfectly acceptable.

  • Tornado James

    I got this card for £110 and it performs great with my r5 1600x and 16gb ram

  • UnicornGuy

    Nice vid bro I picked this up for my first pc, as a budget build, I love it

  • Mustafa Seitemirov

    PUBG i5 3470 GTX 780 DD3 8GB 1600MHz SSD 120GB

  • MasoMathiou

    The problem of your video is that you didn't choose demanding games ... You can run CS GO, TF2 and Overwatch with a potato PC ... those games are not representative of 2017-2018 ...You should've shown benchmarks of recents demanding games like Assassin's Creed Origins, PUBG, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider ...CS GO had been released in 2012, TF2 in 2007 ... of course they will run at ultra 1080p with a high end GPU of 2013 ...I thinks that's why there are so many dislikes on your video ... but keep going !

  • Game Spirit

    I managed to nab one of these beasts for $150. The cherry on the top? It is a manufacturer refurbished Inno3D iChill Hercules x3 model...and is factory overclocked to 1046MHz. It completely blows my old R9 380x out of the water, and THAT was overclocked to 1110MHz.

  • PatzePlays

    I got mine (a simple Zotac one) for 130€

  • Woe

    Very worth it btw. Check my benchmarks. (this isn't a shameless plug just benchmarks on pubg 1.0 btw)

  • Privet. Kupi!

    I'm from Russia. This piece of hardware costs $200. THAT's crazy!

  • PinoyEU

    If its better than a 1050Ti, its definitely worth it as its the same price as a 1050 NOW.

  • GamingZone

    $1000 card to play TF2

  • iDevastate

    I still have this card from when it was released in sli😉

  • Pauly Arele

    Still using the Asus one with my x58 xeon 5650..doing fine at 1080p

  • ViolentBoo

    Holy a 100$ for that card? Pretty crazy.

  • Good Stuff

    Still running strong on my SLI of GTX780 Ref & Zotac 780 AMPJust catch a deal on super wide 35 144hz Benq XR3501 and its amazing in BF4@144hz/fps.

  • Cristian

    it will be nice if u test another games like ac origin and orther hungry new games , wantet to know if its at least better than gtx 970 or better than 1050 ti

  • Muhammad Rifky

    Well I got GTX 780 reference for about 200$ in my country last year. I hope I can move to another country 😑

  • ImInquired

    I have the oc edition but plan on getting this one as well and running them in sli!

  • Elvijs Gusars

    I got mine for 120Eur just after new year 2018, great card for crazy cheap money (Thats if you can find a deal like this, usually they would cost just under 200Eur where i live). FarCry 5 runs averagely around 40FPS @ 1080, Ultra settings, V-Sync ON. CPU i53450 / 8gb Kingston HyperX / Z77Pro3 Motherboard.

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