Noob's Guide To Bitcoin Mining - Super Easy & Simple

Some Helpful Links:

• Buy Parts for a Mining Rig:
• Download NiceHash Miner:
• Choose a Wallet:
• Coinbase:
• Luno (in SA):
• Kraken:
• Download Claymore Dual Eth Miner:
• Download EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner:
• Profitability Calculators:
• Bitcoin News:
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Check out Wootware for all your PC rig needs:

Crosshair VI Hero:
Ryzen 7:
Strix RX 580:
Dual RX 580:
Trident Z RGB:
ASUS PCI WiFi Adapter:
Enthoo Evolv:
HD120 RGB:
Thermaltake Toughpower RGB 850W:

For the intro/outro music by Kalyptra:

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  • Darth Furry

    Idea: Buy a MF solar panel field to power these nibbas. No costs!

  • Mitch Lee

    Take this video DOWN and BURN IT

  • masoud nilforoush

    What GPUs do you recommend for start?

  • Tylenole

    You havent been able to mine bitcoin with a gpu in years..... this guy is a fucking moron.

  • John M Christopher

    I'm a bitcoin Miner, i can show you how you can start up and earn up too 10000 per day. many are getting it

  • Saravanan Ramanathan

    Easy money never stays ...May be bitcoin is the future

  • Revo

    Fuck the miners, it's messing up the marketplace for gaming and let alone, graphics cards.

  • tavi john

    Can be made a sistem by which everyone pay a website with bitcoin mining utilizing 10% of CPU power per user instead of watching ads?

  • Jason Mike

    if you are beginner in cryptocurrency ..Mr jeff rose is the best tutor right now

  • Dendy Item

    why you look angry all the time? Good content tho... but angry...

  • Douglas Reyes

    About 120 dollars a year not counting electricity.

  • AnaDoesMusicThings

    Mine in the school computer lab. Hehehe

  • Ronin R

    My question is will we be knowing for what purpose our systems would be used? Who would be using?Because of this stupid people and concept, many are affected with huge gpu price in countries where bitcoin is banned..

  • Joe Rod

    I have geforce gtx 1070 i got dirt cheap and just installed intonmy gaming computet... would that be good to start mining with

  • Douglas Reyes

    They have an app for android to male the most out of the snapdragon 835 out rihgt now, it pays decent amount of satoshi. I make 250 to 300 every 45 mins so that equates to 200,000 every month satoshi or 0.002 bitcoin cash

  • Cliff Weaver

    great video! i have a few questions..... 1. what "REFURBISHED PACKAGE" OR PC/MAC that, i can go to either tigers direct,microcenter,dell,apple on line and get started with? so i can grasp what is going on. a penny a day or a quarter...... the profit to electricity does not play a roll here. the profit to knowlege is the key. i herd you mention that you are upgrading all the time. do you have a "STARTER-KIT" YOU CAN/WANT to get rid of? email me, inbox me......thank you.

  • Magmarashi

    Ass holes like you are the reason RAM is so fucking expensive nowadays

  • bishop wizzy

    Hello! i love this video! can you help me do similar video like this??let me now NOW

  • Dani Ammouri

    Where are you Nikola Tesla? Imagine we never pay electricity

  • Kris Garcia

    you can also check out Belaska Limited Investment, a company that operates in financial/crypto market. It's worth your investment!

  • Basic Dos Gaming

    man this is gonna take forever on my commodore 64

  • Francois Smit

    What wallet should you use if you in South Africa?

  • Willie Kirby

    🏍Heyyy  im new to your channel🏀im here showing love an support🎉Tuned in watchin notifications on🎁

  • Basic Dos Gaming

    i dont understand how there can only be 21 million coins like who made that limit where did it all begin?

  • Ray F

    Great overview. For the software solution I would go with something like Bergip Miner if you are using Windows/NVidia combo. The easiest setup + it has graphical user interface.

  • LucasStormz

    This Youtuber doesn’t need the profit from YT to get his money.

  • SM96

    You fucking asshat, teaching people to mine. Fucking asshole. I like your channel but lately it's become lots of suggestive clickbaits and pro mining shit.

  • Paw paw

    Paw paw has to watch this a few more times at half speed in hopes of understanding what was said in this video.

  • tavi john

    like instead watching ads on facebook and youtube you pay with a 10% CPU power for mining, thus no google analitica.....

  • Armer Lumbao


  • MusicMemes

    How much i3 6gen and 4gb Ram would get each day? Do you guys have any idea? Please help

  • WipeDs

    i gotta ask so this all is freeeee???

  • Preston Jones

    Can you still build a GPU miner today and still be profitable? Also, as soon as you build a miner, will it still be able to mine algorithms for the life of the machine, or will you have to upgrade GPUs, or other hardware to mine algorithms when they change?

  • renzip Awpz

    Could you do a Vid on how to make the most profit from a gtx 1080 looking to pay off medical bills from when I went threw chemo and want to have my computer at home makin money while I’m at work

  • Xnet_Pixel_Xnet

    Do the bitcoins you mine automatically go to your wallet? If not then how do you receive your bitcoins in your wallet?

  • ShadowMelon Gaming

    If I mine with nothing but a gtx 150ti would it cost a ton on the electricity bill or should it be more

  • Branislav Šetina

    so how much did you lose in a nicehash hack?

  • John SmithDE

    I live in an apartment where the utilities are covered in the rent, how much power are you talking to mine bitcoin. What would your dream coin minner run on.?

  • Vineet Singh

    This guy look like CLAY

  • Carlos Bravo

    excellent how to start in the world criptomonedas through mining I think it is a good way to obtain but as everything there is the risk of losing but good video

  • Vybz Kartel

    im looking to team up with 100 people who would like to earn approximately $4,080 USD every week before july… which is currently roughly 0.2682 Bitcoin with just an investment of $300. Message me if u want to be one of them Thank you. Please contact me if interested +264815970219


    Please stop mining!!!!!! And stop buying gpu's. A 1080 should not cost 800 dollars!

  • Michael Kennedy

    Hey good video man. Appreciate the intro.

  • Arriaga Two

    Questions: At the end of the day you make "money" from nowhere, who validates that? In fact, if I'm paid monthly with bitcoins I will say: no, thank you (because you will never see the money anyways). In other words: boitcoins is just stuff on the screen, how in earth that has a value? Aren't Nvidia and AMD chip behind this? It seems like a pyramidal scheme (otherwise they would mining for themselves) I see mining farms, nobody explain if every graphic card is attached to one motherboard or combinations as SLI are possible. So where that graphic card information goes when you have 1000 graphic cards runnin? You will need 1000 motherboards, 1000 operative systems, 1000 PSU and so on? How all that is achieved in those places? Never got an explication for that.

  • Prismarine

    only 15 so well im in my parrents house might aswell take advantage of no paying power bills

  • Matt Mack

    You make best videos on this

  • Jose Osorio Arauz

    Can I do this with my laptop

  • InfinitePower98 YT

    bitcoin is ded its 2018

  • kena bartholomew

    Awesome STUFF. Let's connect.

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