Noob's Guide To Bitcoin Mining - Super Easy & Simple

Some Helpful Links:

• Buy Parts for a Mining Rig:
• Download NiceHash Miner:
• Choose a Wallet:
• Coinbase:
• Luno (in SA):
• Kraken:
• Download Claymore Dual Eth Miner:
• Download EWBF CUDA Zcash Miner:
• Profitability Calculators:
• Bitcoin News:
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Check out Wootware for all your PC rig needs:

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Ryzen 7:
Strix RX 580:
Dual RX 580:
Trident Z RGB:
ASUS PCI WiFi Adapter:
Enthoo Evolv:
HD120 RGB:
Thermaltake Toughpower RGB 850W:

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  • Simon Glenn

    At 5 dollars a day you'd need to be running a severe amount of CPU's in order to make it still that amount taking into consideration the electric bill?

  • Cock Chewy

    Green Bay all the way

  • Micheal Hall

    I tried to install Nicehash. And I it was saying I couldn’t run the program. Says it’s not compatible. Can you help me out?

  • S. D.

    Very informative my dude !didn’t know jack about this but thanks for the info cant believe it’s free $$$ good man !!

  • Michael Henry

    Allow me to use this same space to recognize Jacob Johan as the most dedicated cryptocurrency miner I have ever met. Just a couple of weeks ago, i was referred, as i had been seeing people testifying about the good he has been doing for traders and miners. I gave it a shot and today, my first payment came through, along with her weekly lecture. i guess this is the epic start to a new chapter in my life. I just feel like more people should be made aware of this opportunity. feel free to contact Mr Jacob for assistance, he's a real heaven sent.{}'ll most likely thank me later

  • Lord Summerisle

    my laptop is too lame for this

  • Victor Vladimir

    As the price of coins keep increasing or decreasing, so is the profitability of mining them. Both building mining rigs yourself to mine and buying cloud mining contracts are very profitable at the moment and will get you a pretty huge ROI. This is the perfect time to get into the mining scene and start building a steady income. Your ROI depends on the amount of coins you mine. I mine coins like BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and ETC. Feel free to contact me for assistance via (victorvladimir34@gmail. com)

  • Gavin Mearns

    Ha crazy looking back at this video now in sept 2018 !

  • im gay and,

    mommy gonna beat miners asses when electricity bill goes upoh noo

  • James Costello

    All ready payed the solar off so might give this a try

  • Brandon Street

    awesome video bro, u did good explaing what u could within 11 minutes, lol

  • Robert Pabst

    Well for this noob....I'm still completely lost. I know how to buy and trade, just cant figure out this mining thing. Would love to start.

  • John George Bauer-Buis

    It’s worth noting the some BOINC projects can be run to get paid in Gridcoin. You do need a Gridcoin wallet for this.

  • De Tudo Um Pouco

    Compre Bitcoin sem taxas!!! 55 21 97017-3218

  • DankingItTv

    Can you help me plz bro

  • fladave99 Mills


  • BestSoundtrack

    Hmmm what if i make people on internet use their pc for my "data things", wow i gonńa do it cheaper now and make huge ammount of cash bonus. Great idea.

  • Robert Clark

    Great Post for being old, it was informative - thank you - theLAB

  • Jerry Tellz

    Does gaming laptop works?

  • amir hosein kargar

    I like your vids....this one was totally helpful.thnx a lot

  • Will Shine

    Go on a fixed electric bill per month. Then you can use as much electricity as you want. A fixed electric bill will ensure your electric bill wont go up per month. If your renting an apartment this would be great.

  • DiryuS

    Can you explain me why is the FBI here?

  • Tudor Renegade

    Today you can't even pay for the electric bill for mining Bitcoin ! So how about that ?

  • Steven Grant

    This video was very informative and now I have a much better understanding of how Cryptocurrency works. Thank you

  • James Costello

    i have solar power muhhahahahah ha ha har

  • Thermal Chill

    I can sell aluminum and make $200 in 10 minutes. No need to do mining 😁😊

  • iSpaghetto

    I'm gonna be rich !

  • DietCocaine

    What kind of cooling is good for this, I have a gaming pc with water cooling

  • Morse Code Reviews

    Well that was just the earful I needed to hear. Thanks for the starting points, the pros and more importantly the cons.

  • Emilio Siguenza

    hey would mining on the razer blade pro with the 6gb gtx 1060 be a good idea?

  • Zoes Dada

    Can I use a bunch of raspberry pies for this?

  • It’s ya boi Meme boi

    Lmao these idiots don’t realize they are being paid peanuts so skynet can have computing power

  • matt jay

    am very happy my debt was cleared when i got free 0.5btc from s9avalonhardware678@gmail,com

  • rdfgwefwear Okeefefawerawe

    If you wish to have the technique to earn bitcoin you only want to try to find " bitcoin pranaholistico " in Google or Yahoo. :)

  • Nevin X

    what are your thoughts about if you live in an apartment and electricity is included in your rent would you consider that your profit margin would be a lot higher?

  • justine sky

    Thank you very much sir it works for me

  • Dennis Mwenda

    I have access to totally free electricity. All I need is a miner

  • mpendulo mathew


  • Victor Smith

    Bitcoin is worthless unless we say it has value. Or you could just be a normal person and have real things. Being materialistic just makes more sense now with people trying to get rich off theory and pulling money from thin air. It’s nerding to the max right now

  • Harvey J // Crumpet

    How does mining cryptocurrency affect the graphics card?

  • Sandeep Rabari

    For mining can android phone use.?

  • Aaron Gray

    I have CUDA Compute capability below 5.0 for my gigabyte gtx 660 2GB. So does that mean I can not mine with this GPU with any software. NICEHASH wont work with me.

  • Bayram Ali Bostancı

    What if the Bitcoins that we earned with mining is less than electricity that we use for mining? That's the bad side of mining without a bitcoin CPU that is connected to yyur computer.

  • EatThatPussy445

    so when I'm mining with the program how do i send the bitcoins to my own wallet?

  • Tshepo Rodney Marumo

    hello i need to build pls app me +26774636888

  • Fun Korean Person

    I wish bitcoin was still alive

  • Meme derp Gaming

    Can somebody tell me why gpu matters

  • Fire Dragon

    Yo i know this aint anything for mining but i am interested on building a Ryzen 3 2200G parts are bought at Wootware what parts do you recommend keep mind i want mobo with 4 ddr slots.Thanks man

  • Foco Dinirs

    Sooo if i had a rtx2070 and the power bill is like 50 bucks pre month stable i could make some profit right?

  • Sara Loren

    The video seems to be informative with nice idea ,but i have tried so many mining system ,even with the video it doesn't make any amount of Bitcoin rather i keep on loosing ,but you can give a try to Mr Jeff Rose system to see how profitable its working for me now .you can contact him (jjeffrose01@ gmail com)

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