ZOTAC GTX 780 Ethereum Mining Speed - Temp - Power

Nvidia GTX780 mining ethereum on linux.
Using stock settings with no oc, temps are high (the card ended up dying but it did its duty!!!)

Oldie but goodie. RIP old pal :(

If you want to mine ethereum the safe way use genecis mining.

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Bitconnect Referal - https://bitconnect.co/?ref=darthminer3
  • DemonGaming

    Does SLI help mining at all?

  • Gonotaku

    friend why does your card died? I mean with no OC good Temps...

  • Good Stuff

    Thanks for sharing! I got 3770k with 780sli.What should I try to mine under win7? Should it work in sli or single gpu? Tnx!

  • Nikitin Igor'

    Thanks for sharing! What version of drivers and miner are you using?

  • maltatravel

    What about if you use MSI afterburner to reduce the power draw? can you check see how much watts it will save? i am currently running my 1060 gtx cards at 55% power and it uses much less wattage. and hash rate isnt affected too much

  • DarthMiner

    Use code "O1GWVI" and get 3% off every purchase on Genesis Mining!Genecis Mining - https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/938086

  • Yuriy Luk'yanov

    Zcash сколько солей выдаст?

  • Iseck Monster

    DarthMiner i want to try mine with gigabytes gtx 780 oc 3g version.. and I’m a noob on mining can u help me !

  • Gonotaku

    friend why does your card died? I mean with no OC good Temps...

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